The company won the bid for the construction project of the graphic information building of the Sky and Sky Information University

On February 2, the 23rd lunar New Year, on this festive day, the Ministry of Commerce of the company came the good news, in the steel structure professional contract bidding of the Air and Sky Information University, the company is pleased with the second bid section of the graphic information building.

Graphic and Information Building is a steel frame structure system, with a total floor area of 71184.49 square metres, including 7 floors above ground, with a floor area of 47306.34 square metres, and 1 floor underground, with a floor area of 23878.15 square metres. After the completion of the building, it mainly undertakes the functions of book reading, students' self-study and academic research activities. The construction of the Graphic Information Building is under the general contract of China Eigth Constuction New Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Eihe Steel Structure undertakes the fabrication and installation of 3,700 tonnes of steel structure for the second bidding section of the Graphic Information Building.

Up to now, Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Group Co., Ltd. has participated in 13 school projects. Among them are Tianjin BeichenGuanghua Foreign Language School, Huangdao Weiming School, Tianjin Country Garden Primary School, Jinkou Kindergarten, Xianshan Primary School, Jimo No. 2 Middle School, Jimo No. 28 East Branch School, Jimo Dexin Primary School East Branch School, Chaohai Middle School, Qingdao University of Technology, Laixi No. 1 Middle School, Dexian Kindergarten, etc. The project covers all schools from kindergarten to university. In the future, Eihe Steel Structure will participate in the construction of more school projects and contribute more Eihe strength to the development of education.

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