The company held the third staff skills competition

"Thank you Eihe Steel Group, not only provide us with a platform for career development, but also for us to build such a show of skill, and colleagues to exchange the stage, so that we can find their own shortcomings in the competition, and constantly improve themselves". 4 May, in the company's third staff skills competition in the submerged arc welding project champion of the Che Caijun said emotionally.

In order to create a good atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing, promote the improvement of employees' operational skills and quality awareness, and promote the exchange of professional skills among employees, on May 4, the company organized the third session of employees' skills competition.

The scene of the match

After a day of fierce competition, a total of 7 "gold MEDALS" were produced by the meticulous and rigorous selection of the judges. Among them, in the civil group, Hu Zhimin won the first place in the riveter project, Anyang won the first place in the second protection welding project, Yang Jianling won the first place in the positioning welding project, Che Caijun won the first place in the submerged arc welding project, and the team champion was won by Lu Liang Group; In the nuclear power group, Gao Qinglin and Zhang Hongzhi won the crowns of welder and riveter respectively.

Award ceremony (from left to right, two protection welding project, Riveter project, team project, positioning welding submerged arc welding project, nuclear power Group)

The competition was divided into two groups and four projects, with a total of 96 employees participating in eight teams. The participants are all employees who have been fighting on the front line for years, and the competition requires them to understand the drawings, formulate the best operating methods and complete the operations as planned within a limited time. Under heavy pressure, more reflects these "veteran" deep experience and excellent technology.

President Guo Yanlong spoke

At the award ceremony, President Guo Yanlong first expressed his congratulations to the award-winning employees, and said that through the three professional skills competition, the company emerged a group of outstanding employees, but also let more employees through the competition to realize some shortcomings, have a clearer learning goal. It is hoped that the award-winning employees can play a positive leading role in their positions, and drive the company's overall processing level and production quality to rise steadily. In the fierce market competition in the future, let Eihe win by quality, and let Eihe draw equal signs with high-quality products.

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