Congratulations to AstraZeneca's Inhalation Aerosol Plant Project on its first lift

On the morning of May 15, the project of Qingdao AstraZeneca Inhalation Aerosol Plant constructed by the company successfully completed the first lifting.

AstraZeneca Inhalation Aerosol Plant Project First Lifting Site

The project is located in Qingdao High-tech Zone, the base covers an area of 53333.6m², with a building area of 54,298m², the steel structure building part is partially two-storey, with a total building area of 9317.15m², a maximum height of 25.2m, and an estimated steel consumption of 2,000t. The production and installation of the steel structure of this project is completely using the FM standard, and the FM certification standard is universally acknowledged globally as a certificate for entering the global market. FM certification is universally recognized worldwide and is a certificate for entering the global market. The construction of this project will add another new achievement for the company to undertake overseas projects in the future.

Astrazeneca project renderings

The construction of the facility will enable the Qingdao facility to become an important link in Astrazeneca's global pharmaceutical supply chain.

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