Everyone Talks About Safety, Everyone Knows Emergency Response--Company Organizes “Work Safety Month” Series Activities

In order to enhance the safety awareness and strengthen the safety production management, on June 28, the company held the 2023 “Safety Production Month” safety training series activities. Mr. Liu Hejun, Vice President of the Company, attended the event and presided over it.

June is the 22nd national “Work Safety Month”, the theme of this year is “everyone talks about safety, everyone will emergency”. In the training mobilization, Liu Hejun, vice president of the company, said that the string of production safety should be tightened at all times and should not be relaxed for a moment. The safety training, closely around the theme of the year to set the training subjects, aimed at popularizing safety knowledge to every employee, and strive to improve the safety awareness of all staff, to create a stable and good production environment for the company.

This activity was organized by the Integrated Management Department, and all the staff of the company participated. Activity first in the company's 3rd floor conference room for production safety knowledge training, through the playback of the video and on-site explanation, image vividly learn to propagate the production safety law, safety and emergency response and other related knowledge, and based on the actual situation of the company to analyze the work of the potential safety hazards may exist in the link as well as preventive methods. Subsequently, the company organized an on-site firefighting drill and conducted fire extinguisher operation training, during which the production and logistics staff participated enthusiastically.

This activity, through the video training and on-site practical exercises, in-depth knowledge of production safety, escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue is transmitted to each employee. Enhance the general staff's safety ideology and safety operation skills, effectively enhance the safety knowledge level of the person in charge of the company and the majority of employees, and further strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, for the company's safe production and smooth operation of a solid foundation.

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