The company was awarded as ‘Excellent Supplier’ by China Construction Battalion New Construction Engineering Co.,LTD.

Recently, the company won the 2023 "Excellent supplier" honorary title of New Construction Engineering Co., LTD., which represents the high recognition of the cooperation of Eihe Company over the years by the eighth Bureau of China Construction.

The first cooperation between the company and the eighth New Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. began in 2022. After the first Yantai Penglai International Airport project, the company successively carried out projects such asThe SHANG HE Pearl of on Lake Ruyi, Airport Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinan Yellow River Stadium, Jinan Hydrogen Valley Industrial Park, Jinan Olympic Sports East Vitality Ring. From the initial cooperation through the running-in period to the efficient and smooth adjustment after rapid adjustment, Eihe Group has won unanimous praise from all parties on the project site, whether it is production progress or product quality, but also in exchange for the company's high recognition of the eighth Bureau of China Construction. Especially during the epidemic period, in order to ensure that the new bidding section is completed in strict accordance with the time node, the company mobilizes the enthusiasm of all employees, and the people stop and the machines stop, and the booking goal is perfectly achieved in the continuous struggle.

In February this year, the company Won the bid for the second section of the graphic information Building of the Central Sky Information University, and the cooperation with the new Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. of the eighth Bureau of China Construction will be extended indefinitely, in order to promote win-win cooperation between the two sides.

Cooperative project presentation

Yantai Airport terminal

The SHANG HE Pearl of on Lake Ruyi

Airport Convention and Exhibition Center

Yellow River Stadium

Jinan Hydrogen Valley Industrial Park

Jinan Olympic sports East vitality ring

Space Information University

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