Eihe Steel Structure won the list of leading backbone enterprises of the whole chain of construction industry in Shandong Province and was the only selected chain master enterprise in Qingdao

On March 11, the first list of leading backbone enterprises of the whole chain of construction industry in Shandong Province was officially announced. Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Group Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as a leading backbone enterprise of the whole chain of construction industry in Shandong Province by virtue of its outstanding performance in scientific and technological progress, urban and rural green development, engineering quality and safety, civilized construction and outstanding achievements in the field of prefabricated construction. At the same time, it is the only selected prefabricated steel structure parts chain master enterprise in Qingdao. To become the benchmark and leader of the transformation and upgrading of the province's construction industry.

The selection activity aims to enhance the overall strength of construction enterprises in our province, create the brand of "good quality Shandong · Qilu Construction", and cultivate a number of leading backbone enterprises of the whole chain of construction industry with great development potential, high market recognition and obvious radiation driving ability.

As a leader in prefabricated construction, Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Group has advanced production equipment and superb technical team, and has been committed to promoting the industrialization and digitalization process of the construction industry, and is committed to promoting the development of the industrialization of prefabricated construction. In 2017, it was selected as the first batch of Qingdao prefabricated steel structure building industrial bases. In 2018, it was selected as the first provincial prefabricated steel structure construction industrial base, which can provide customers with high-quality and efficient prefabricated parts products and services.

In recent years, the company has undertaken the construction of BAIC new energy production base, Luchang Automobile production base, Chery Automobile production base, Chongqing Changan Automobile as the representative of the automobile industrial park; Energy and chemical industrial park represented by Yulong Petrochemical, Weifang Yaxing, Tianjin PVC, Rushan MW offshore wind Power; Manufacturing industrial parks represented by Ronghua Assembly Industrial Base, CCCC Weichai, Weichai Rewo, Qilu Intelligent Microsystem Industrial Park, etc.; School buildings represented by Jinkou Kindergarten, Tianjin Guanghua School, Jimo No. 2 Middle School and Kongtian Information University; Large public buildings represented by the Pearl of Ruyi Lake, Langfang Linkong Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinan Yellow River Stadium, Yulin Airport and Yantai Airport; Residential projects such as the Sun City 16# residential building project, No. 36 Longmen East Road, Laiyang City, and nine community transformation projects outside Huangdao Island; A number of major projects, such as the commercial complex represented by the Laixi Fortune Plaza, Jinan Olympic Sports East Vitality Ring, Haiyang Sweater comprehensive business building, and the business building of Inwent Industrial Park. And has won the Shandong Province steel structure gold medal, China steel structure gold Medal and other awards, fully demonstrated the professional ability in the field and the attitude of excellence. At the same time, the company actively responds to the national call for green development, and strives to promote the technological innovation and application of green buildings, energy conservation and emission reduction, which has made positive contributions to the green development of urban and rural areas, and also provides beneficial exploration and practice for the sustainable development of the construction industry.

The award of this honor not only highlights the company's excellent strength and deep heritage in the construction industry, but also marks the company's solid steps in promoting the industrialization, digitalization and green transformation and upgrading of the construction industry in the province. The company will take this opportunity to continue adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", constantly improve its own strength and market competitiveness, and continue to make great strides towards the goal of "double hundred". We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Group will continue to write a new brilliant chapter, to create a "Remarkable Shandong, Qilu construction" brand, to promote the province and even the country's high-quality construction industry to contribute to greater strength.

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