The company was awarded the "Caring Enterprise Award" at the second Charity Award Party of Jimo District

On December 28, the second charity award party of Jimo District was held in the Dexin studio of Jimo TV Station. The company was awarded the "Caring Enterprise Award" first place, the company president Guo Yanlong attended the award ceremony on behalf of the company, and as a representative of the winners interviewed by the news media.

The Jimo District charity award is in recognition of the past five years in the charitable donation activities generous, active; In the face of a major epidemic disaster, we are eager to do good; In charity and public welfare activities, dedication of love, outstanding deeds; Caring enterprises, teams, individuals and advanced grassroots charitable organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the charity and public welfare undertakings in our district with careful help and remarkable results in the launching of charitable organizations. Among them, 12 units such as Qingdao Jifa Group Co., Ltd. were awarded the "Jimo Charity Award", 12 units such as Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Group Co., Ltd. were awarded the "Caring Enterprise Award", 12 units such as Qingdao Jimo District Beian Sub-district Office Charity Branch were awarded the "Charity Organization Award", Qingdao Jimo District around the Good People Association and other 13 units were awarded the "Love team Award", Chen Yuhua and other 12 comrades were awarded the "love individual Award".

Over the years, the company has been committed to philanthropy. In early 2023, the company invested 300,000 yuan to establish Eihe Steel structure enterprise title fund; At the end of the year, the company decided to make a wholly-owned donation to upgrade the lecture hall of the Middle School of Qingdao Blue Valley High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and led by Guo Yanlong, president of the company, communicated and coordinated with the school for many times, and finally determined the upgrade plan. At present, the donated and upgraded lecture hall has been officially put into use and renamed "Eihe Lecture Hall". This project not only represents the completion of a renovation and upgrading project, but also represents Yihe Group's full support and sincere dedication to Jimo education.

In addition, while the company continues to grow its own strength, it always gives back to the society in various ways and actively participates in social charity: Donated hundreds of thousands of yuan to the local poor students and the elderly orphans in the surrounding communities, always in the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control war, has been an emergency construction of 2 disinfection stations, organized more than 100 employees to participate in nucleic acid testing, provided more than 30 Premade Shipping Container Homes for epidemic prevention and control, and donated 1 million yuan to support the epidemic work. Due to the company's outstanding performance in charitable undertakings, Liu Jie, chairman of the company, was co-elected as Vice president of the Jimo District Charity Federation at the fifth Council of the second session of the Jimo District Charity Federation.

Charity is a noble and great cause and an important symbol of social civilization and progress. In the next work, the company will adhere to the principle of charity return to society, so that the light of charity will benefit more ordinary people.

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