Zhao Binye of Eihe Steel Structure Group won the honorary title of "2024 Youth Role Model in Construction Steel Structure Industry"

On May 2, the China Building Metal Structure Association issued the "Decision on Recognizing Young role Models in the Construction Steel Structure Industry in 2024", and Zhao Binye, manager of the engineering department of Eihe Steel Structure Group, was successfully selected into the list of young role models in the construction steel structure industry in 2024.

Manager Zhao Binye at the construction site (left)

Zhao Binye, intermediate engineer of construction engineering, Project manager of Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Group Co., LTD. During my tenure in the company, I have participated in the site management and coordination of many large-scale projects such as Chongqing Changan Automobile Project, West Coast New Area China Communications Weichai Qingdao Project, Jinan Yellow River Steel Structure Stadium Project, Hydrogen Valley Industrial Park Project, etc. Also by his participation in the site management of Qingdao Chengxin Auto parts Industrial Park construction project (Phase I) and Xianshan Primary School project, were rated as Qingdao building construction safety civilization standardization demonstration site, by the owner of the unanimous praise. In addition, the projects he has presided over and participated in have won many industry awards, Zhao Binye led the team to successfully complete the Jimo Comprehensive Free Trade Zone logistics Steel Structure warehouse project, Qingdao Chengxin auto parts Industrial Park construction project, Shanghai He core area supporting facilities project, Yantai Penglai International Airport Phase II T2 Terminal project section 1 of the four projects have won the 2022 Shandong Steel structure gold Medal, highly recognized by peers and owners.

Manager Zhao Binye participated in the project

The selection of young role models is an honor established by China Building Metal Structure Association to give full play to the leading role of young people in the new era and commend their contributions to the progress of China's steel structure construction industry. This honor is not only a personal affirmation of Manager Zhao Binye, but also a high evaluation of the team spirit and work achievements of Eihe Steel Structure Group.

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