The training implementation of "BIM Steel structure Cloud" system started, and EIHE stepped to a new level of intelligent construction

On July 19, the company hosted the launch conference for its "BIM Steel Structure Cloud" systematic training and implementation in Conference Room 1, followed by a five-day production project integration platform training. This signifies EIHE's significant progress in establishing digital and smart factories, elevating intelligent construction to a new level.

The purpose of this training is to standardize the application process for BIM management, enhance the accuracy of BIM steel structure cloud data, clarify the work responsibilities related to BIM steel structure cloud application across various departments, ensure improved management efficiency in BIM steel structure cloud application, and achieve the expected goal of efficient operation throughout the project's entire life cycle. Engineers from Bimtek Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. were invited to provide detailed explanations on the application of the BIM steel structure cloud platform, its core functions, application process, and departmental responsibilities. Over 40 department managers and relevant personnel from our company participated.

In recent years, the company has implemented a strategic plan to achieve the "double hundred" goal, met the demand for digital development, built a green and intelligent factory, realized the integration of production and project management, enhanced the brand image and market influence of EIHE Steel Structure, and conducted a series of cooperations with Beimaitaike Information Technology (Shanghai) Co.,  Ltd. to fully build a BIM steel structure cloud platform suitable for the company's operational management.  This platform integrates ten operational modules, including project data synchronization management, supply chain management, production execution management, factory paperless quality inspection management, warehousing and dispatch management, visual progress management, fine-grained contract management, cost management, mobile information interconnection management, and systemized reporting management, to provide detailed division of authority for each department's daily work.

The launch of the integrated platform for production project indicates that the company has entered a new height of intelligent development: internally, all project progress can be queried based on permissions, and any problematic links can be rectified in a timely manner, from the signing of the project contract to the delivery of the project, each time node is well controlled; externally, each customer who opens an account can query the procurement, production, and installation status of their project in real-time and promptly grasp the progress of their own project.

Since its inception, EIHE STEEL STRUCTURE has not only focused on building its corporate culture but also places high importance on seeking development through science and technology. By equally prioritizing culture and technology, the group empowers new growth, greatly facilitating the company's transformation and upgrading as well as its high-quality development.

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