At the beginning of the New Year, Weichai Leiwo and Qilu intelligent project began to lift steel beams.

On the morning of January 3, 2024, Weifang and Zibo two project sites sent good news at the same time: Weichai Lewo high-end agricultural equipment intelligent manufacturing Project trial workshop, Qilu Intelligent Microsystem Industrial Park C area (Phase I) and infrastructure supporting facilities project (start-up area) 3# workshop began to lift steel beams.

The company is a steel structure subcontractor of Weichai Rewo high-end agricultural equipment intelligent manufacturing project, entered the market on October 27, and successfully lifted the first time on November 18. Currently, 3,000 tons of materials have been delivered and 2,300 tons of steel structure has been installed. As the company's second Weichai project, Eihe Steel Structure continues to carry forward the fine style of the Sino-Weichai project, starting from construction management, process control, problem tracing and other aspects, and constantly improving and improving the project process, which further improves the project management concept.

Zibo Qilu Intelligent microsystem Industrial Park project, which is also a steel structure subcontract, entered the steel structure on December 13, when the low temperature was more than ten degrees below zero, the steel column was assembled on the site, the installation and welding amount was large, the secondary welds were many, and the extremely cold weather was encountered, but the on-site installation personnel were not afraid of the cold, and performed the ice welding dance on the frozen steel structure frame. Rigorous and meticulous operation makes the weld inspection pass at one time. On December 19, the first hoisting was successful, and with the strong support and cooperation of the intermediate installation project team, the construction progress was extremely smooth, and the current steel structure installation has completed 780.69 tons.

A good beginning is half the success, the start of the double project Lifting steel beam represents not only the two projects into a new construction node, but also represents the smooth start of the company's work in 2024.

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