Jimo District Charity Federation visited the company

On 23rd April, Sun cast, president of Jimo District Charity Federation, and Yi Liyuan, vice president of the Federation, and their five-member team came to visit and investigate the company, and awarded Liu Jie, chairman of the company, the certificate of vice president of Qingdao Jimo District Charity Federation.

Chairman Liu Jie briefly introduced the company's operation and development situation and current projects under construction to President Sun Zhu and his party, in which he focused on nuclear power projects, wind power projects and green new energy ideas and initiatives. As for the charitable cause, Chairman Liu Jie said that he would follow the pace of the General Charity Federation, strengthen project cooperation, and strive to make a breakthrough in expanding the scale and precision relief.

President Sun cast fully affirmed and highly appreciated the rapid development of EIHE Steel Structure in recent years. He said, in the case of declining prosperity of the real estate industry, EIHE Steel Structure can always maintain high-speed growth is rare, but also shows the company's successful practice in management, science and technology, manpower and other aspects. In the future, the steel structure industry can pay more attention to industrial property and segmentation projects, continue to make efforts in green building, and implement the strategy of going out to achieve the national layout of production base and project undertaking, and go overseas. When it comes to charity and public welfare undertakings, President Sun Casting said that the development of EIHE Steel Structure does not forget to give back, and in recent years it has done a lot of work in charity and public welfare undertakings, which has set a good example for the society, and it is hoped that it will continue to make further efforts to achieve a double harvest of enterprise production and operation and charity and public welfare undertakings.

In recent years, Qingdao EIHE Steel Structure Group Co., Ltd. in the continuous development and growth at the same time, always in a variety of ways to give back to the community, and actively engaged in charitable public welfare undertakings, in addition to hundreds of thousands of yuan for the local poverty-stricken students and widows and elderly people in the surrounding communities, but also carried out a number of charitable projects, which in the epidemic prevention and control of donations amounted to 1 million yuan. In order to further do a good job of charity, EIHE Steel Structure in Jimo District Charity Federation set up a 300,000 yuan enterprise title charity fund. 19 March, Jimo District Charity Federation held three sessions of the meeting, EIHE Steel Structure Chairman Liu Jie was re-elected vice president.

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