Jimo District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau went to Inwent Auto Parts Industrial Park project inspection and research, and carry out construction site “Bring coolness” activities

August 2, Jimo District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Guangyu, led by the Office of the Bureau of Safety Committee and the relevant person in charge of the Engineering Safety Section, went to the research of the project of Inwent Automobile Parts Industrial Park, on the construction of the summer safety inspections, and on-site “Bring coolness” activities.

Zhang Guangyu and his entourage firstly expressed their condolences to the workers who insisted on the construction under the hot weather, and asked them to make full use of the cool time in the morning and evening to do the staggered construction in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction in the hot weather and pay attention to the prevention of heatstroke and the safety of the construction. At the scene, Mr. Zhang Guangyu, deputy director of the company, and Mr. Liu Jie, chairman of the board of directors, distributed watermelons, mineral water and other summer cooling supplies to the workers.

Mr. Liu Jie, the chairman of the board, introduced the project to Zhang Guangyu and his party in detail. The total planning construction area of 39,820.5 square meters, the total investment of 300 million yuan of Inwent Auto Parts Industrial Park project, Qingdao City, a key project, after completion, the main key components of intelligent automobiles and technology-related industries, for the surrounding automobile manufacturers for supporting services. At present, the first phase of the project is working overtime to complete the main structure as soon as possible.

Zhang Guangyu, deputy director, said that Inwent Auto Parts Industrial Park project highlights the strength and development prospects of EIHE Steel Structure and Inwent Technology, as the competent authority of the industry, we must give full support and good service. He also emphasized that most of the steel structure construction is open-air, high-altitude operation, high temperature in summer, prone to gusty winds, lightning, heavy rainfall and other catastrophic weather, we must always tighten the safety string, in strict accordance with the provincial department of the construction requirements related to extreme weather conditions, people-oriented, to ensure that the construction personnel's physical health and operational safety.

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