The company hosted a series of activities to celebrate the "August 1st" Military Day, promoting the military spirit and striving to build the "EIHE Iron Army"

August 1st marks the 96th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army of China On this special day, Qingdao EIHE Steel Structure Co., Ltd. held a series of activities to celebrate the "August 1st" Army Day, focusing on building the "EIHE Iron Army".

At 7:30 a.m., the solemn flag-raising ceremony for celebrating “August 1” officially began. Accompanied by the blazing sun and loud and clear “March of the Volunteer Army”, the brightly colored five-star red flag rose in the base of EIHE.

Under the national flag, Liu Zhuo Shi, the representative of retired veteran and director of finished product workshop, spoke generously: “As a former soldier of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, I have 4 years of military career, and I am very honored to join the big family of EIHE Steel Structure after I retired from the army. Although the industry is unfamiliar, but I'm not afraid of hard work, not afraid of tired, everything from scratch, and strive to learn. The army's good thoughts, good style and good traditions have nurtured me. In the future, I will continue to maintain and carry forward the army's good style and glorious traditions, love and dedication, take on heavy burdens, and contribute to the development of the company”.

At 6:00 p.m., after a day of hard work, the company's 14 retired veterans gathered in the conference room, held the “Celebration of ‘August 1’ EIHE Steel Veterans Symposium”. At the symposium, each veteran briefly introduced his service experience, the work situation in the company, a voice, a sentence, all show the soldier's national sentiment and ambition.

On the scene, Guo Yanlong, president of the company delivered a warm speech, he said, the company's 14 veterans are distributed in various positions, there are departmental leaders, workshop supervisors, there are front-line employees, but no matter in which position, can be the force's fine traditions, solid style, strict discipline to bring the name of the surrounding each and every employee, and I hope that in the process of the future work, the force's excellent genes in the EIHE team to give full play to the role of “pass on”, “help, lead” to bring the surface to contribute to the realization of the company's “double hundred” goal. I hope that in the process of future work, the excellent genes of the army will be well passed on in the team of EIHE, give full play to the role of “passing on, helping and leading”, and contribute to the realization of the company's goal of “Double Hundred” by taking the point to the surface.

President Guo Yanlong emphasized that Chairman Liu Jie has repeatedly mentioned that we should build our team into “EIHE Iron Army” - not afraid of hardship, strict discipline, sincere unity, and dare to win. Every year, the company plans to absorb retired military personnel to join the grand celebration of the “August 1” Army Day, which is a concrete manifestation of the chairman's will. EIHE Steel Company has been established for 18 years, “Righteousness comes from everywhere” concept, “Harmony holds all the oceans.” bosom, attracted outstanding talents, formed its own corporate culture, “Iron Army” gene is increasingly The gene of “Iron Army” is becoming more and more visible. With the leadership of these outstanding veterans, and with the ideological, organizational and team to follow up to build, “EIHE Iron Army” will become a reality.

Afterwards, President Guo Yanlong distributed souvenirs to all retired veterans and held a dinner party in the cafeteria to celebrate the military's holiday.

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