District Standing Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director of the Supervision Commission Wang Ludong to EIHE Steel Structure research to optimise the business environment work

On October 17, the Standing Committee of the District Commission, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Supervisory Commission Director Wang Ludong to EIHE steel research, field understanding of the difficulties and problems faced by the development of enterprises, and around the continued optimisation of the business environment for discussion and exchange. Qingdao Blue Valley Hi-tech Zone Party Committee Secretary, Director of the Management Committee, accompanied by Zhu Ke research.

Chairman Liu Jie reported to the research group from three aspects of the company's business development, difficulties in development and opinions and suggestions on the business environment. Liu Jie said, as of the third quarter of 2023, the total business volume of EIHE Steel Structure has been the same as that of 2022, especially the ongoing projects of Chang'an Automobile, Weichai, Aodong, Hydrogen Valley, CX, etc., which not only bring better income to the company, but also open up a new situation of the company's business development. These achievements have been made thanks to the hard work of all the staff of the company, but also thanks to the local government to create a good business environment for enterprises, it is in a variety of favourable policy support, EIHE Steel Structure dare to more uninvolved in the field of progress.

Wang Ludong affirmed the achievements of EIHE Steel Structure, and hoped that EIHE can continue to maintain a good development trend, and bring the green and energy-saving steel structure building to more users. On the continuous promotion of the optimisation of the business environment, Wang Ludong stressed that we should focus on the outstanding issues affecting the high-quality development of enterprises, to put an end to the inaction, slow, chaotic and other damages to the business environment, to enhance the style and ability to boost the business environment to continue to optimise the business environment, and to promote the escort of the optimisation of the business environment action to go deeper and more practical.

After the discussion, Wang Ludong and his entourage also inspected the production of EIHE steel structure workshop.

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