Warm congratulations on the completion of the main structure of the first phase project of Inwent Intelligent Auto Parts Industrial Park

At 10:58 on 12 October, the firecrackers of Qingdao Inwent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd, the first phase project of Intelligent Automotive Parts Industrial Park, the salute blossomed, and the four big words of gold and yellow on red background of ‘Happy to Main structure completed’ appeared to be shining in the backdrop of the fireworks and the bright sunshine. Leaders from Qingdao Blue Valley Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jimo District Chaohai Street, Jimo District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, CCB Jimo District Branch and other units witnessed this historic moment together.

Inwent Intelligent Auto Parts Industrial Park is located in Qingdao Jimo District, south of Qingwei Road, the total planning land area of 12,330 square metres, the new 39,000 square metres of automotive parts and components technology research and development, production and sales of intelligent auto parts industrial park, the plan of the total investment of 300 million yuan, of which the above ground floor area of 32,000 square metres, underground garage construction area of 7,000 square metres, the total amount of steel 1827 tonnes. Ltd. development project, after completion will rely on the Qingdao Automobile Industry New Town raIt is a development project of EIHE Steel Group Company and Inwent Automotive Technology Ltd.diation, for the neighbouring automobile manufacturers to carry out supporting services.

The first phase of the project with a construction area of 22,000 square meters, a total height of 54 meters, started in April this year, the first hoisting on July 20, the main structure was completed on October 12, and the plan was completed and put into use before the year, when Jimo District's first all-steel structure prefabricated high-rise building. The completion of the main structure marks the first phase of the Inwent intelligent auto parts Industrial Park project, and enters the next stage of roof, wall installation and internal decoration. From the survey and design, steel structure production, installation and later decoration, etc. are undertaken by EIHE Steel Structure, which is also a concentrated demonstration of the company's strength and ability.

The project of InWent Intelligent Auto Parts Industrial Park is also the beginning of EIHE Steel Structure's formal opening of EPC mode for independent construction of high-rise building projects. In order to ensure the successful completion of the project, the Group started from design deepening, raw material customisation, factory production and production, on-site installation and many other aspects, reasonably matching personnel, not sparing every detail that may affect the project process. Especially in the process of production and installation, EIHE people achieve strict control over every quality detail, and strive for the perfect implementation of every installation node, which ensures the high quality and efficient project progress.

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