Vigorously promote the Prefabricated steel structure building for the development of new quality productivity to add power to empower the new blueprint has been drawn, the new journey has begun.

Transformation and upgrading to industrialization, digitization and greening is a realistic need for the high-quality development of the construction industry and a major trend for the future development of the industry. Steel structure building naturally has the characteristics of Prefabricated, industrialization and greening, giving full play to its advantages of “light, fast, good and economical”, and boosting the high-quality development of assembled steel structure building through the double-wheel innovation drive of technology and management is an important focus point for the development of new quality productivity.

1、Grasp the transformation trend of the construction industry and recognize the advantages of assembled steel structure building

China's construction industry is still a labor-intensive, relatively crude construction method of the traditional industry, compared with the requirements of high-quality development, there is still a big gap. The National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference held last year emphasized the deepening of the structural reform of the supply side of the construction industry, and continued to work on industrialization, digitization, green transformation, and strive to provide high-quality construction products for the whole society, to create an upgraded version of the “China-built”. This has clarified the direction and path for the high-quality development of the construction industry.

The connotation of industrialized construction is factory production, on-site installation, the standardization of manufacturing, parts, Prefabricated concept into the construction industry, the building into industrialized products. However, it is not easy for the construction industry to realize “building houses like cars”. From a practical point of view, the industrialization of construction is even more difficult than building cars. The reason is that: First, the building materials can not be like car parts for the same car clamp planing and milling; Second, the building components are not only large, bulky, heavy, and installation equipment, methods are completely different, the building is ultimately installed on-site, rather than factory installation. Third, the personalized characteristics of building products is obvious, no two houses are exactly the same. Industrialized construction is characterized by standardized design, factory production, Prefabricated construction, integrated decoration, information management, intelligent application, the core is Prefabricated construction, so the building to achieve “like building a car like building a house”, we must vigorously develop Prefabricated construction, which is an important hand to achieve industrialization.

The core technology of digitization includes BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digital twins, and the digital transformation of the construction industry is to digitize all the industry standards, rules, experiences and requirements to form a massive amount of data, which will run through the whole life cycle of the building, the whole industrial chain and all the participants through the informatization platform. The new industrialization is to integrate digitalization on the basis of industrialization, promote the change of management mode, and give rise to a new construction method. Intelligent construction is also based on digitization, and the synergistic development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization is based on the actual development of the industry, and efforts are made towards a higher level of intelligence while consolidating the foundation of industrialization. The focus of intelligent construction is the integration of artificial intelligence technology and engineering construction technology, the core technology is intelligent algorithms and intelligent construction robot applications. At present, most of the industry's automation equipment can not be called “intelligent”, intelligent emphasis on “machine instead of man”, can be man-machine interaction, and can achieve cognitive upgrading through independent learning. Intelligent construction and new building industrialization synergistic development, in line with the current development of China's construction industry, innovative, advanced, can bring fundamental changes to the industry, is the key to the development of new productivity.

Steel structure buildings have typical Prefabricated, industrialization and green features, and their advantages are light, fast, good and economical. Light means that steel structure materials are lightweight and high-strength, with small cross-section, light self-weight and high bearing capacity, which is suitable for larger spans and easy to be transported and installed. Quickly, it means that the steel structure is made in the factory, which can be produced in batches of large pieces with high degree of industrialization; adopting the construction method of factory manufacturing and installation of high-strength bolts in the construction site can effectively shorten the construction period, which creates the conditions for lowering the cost and bringing into play the economic benefits of the investment. Good, refers to good mechanical properties of raw materials, high reliability, weldability, sealing, durability, structural seismic performance, easy to dismantle, and good adaptability to new technologies. Save, means that compared with concrete structure, the whole life cycle comprehensive cost is lower, and steel can be recycled. The development of assembled steel structure building is not only a requirement for the transformation of the construction industry to industrialization, digitalization and greening, but also an inevitable trend in the process of construction development and an important support for the construction of good houses.

2、Clearing the obstacles to high-quality development and promoting the Prefabricated steel structure building to build up momentum

To give full play to the advantages of steel structure, it is necessary to face up to the problems faced in the development, take targeted measures to clear the obstacles for high-quality development, and realize the leap from assembled building steel structure to assembled steel structure building.

Establish the concept of “full Prefabricated”. Not only should the structure be assembled, but also the outer enclosure structure, interior system, equipment and pipelines, and decoration should be assembled. In order to realize full Prefabricated, the informationization based on BIM technology is the first problem to be solved.

Establish the concept of “integration”. First, the integration of design, production, construction, operation and maintenance, and the deepening of cost reduction and efficiency. The weakness of steel structure development is the high cost of construction, but if we consider from the perspective of integration of design to operation and maintenance, we can significantly reduce costs. Secondly, building, structure, parts and components, mechanical and electrical equipment, decoration and furnishing should be integrated. Such as high-rise steel structure building is more flexible, the enclosure system and the structure of the coordination of deformation ability requires high, otherwise the enclosure system is easy to deformation and cracking, affecting the use of the building effect and life. The heat preservation, insulation, anticorrosion, fire prevention, lighting, sunshade and other structural parts and components into the integration of consideration, not only can be a good solution to a series of problems, but also improve the quality of the building. Third, the application of new technologies such as green low-carbon and building functionality should be integrated. Fourth, the development of integrated technology integration standards must be put on the agenda.

Optimize the structural system. Focusing on the development goal of Prefabricated and industrialization, optimize the structural system of steel structure buildings, and make efforts to reduce the number of components, improve the connection method, and promote the development of standardization and see the effect.

Optimize design. Solve the problem of exposed beams and columns in steel structure buildings by optimizing the design. In practice, using steel components to simply replace reinforced concrete components, the advantages of steel structure are difficult to play, the use of functionality is reduced, the amount of steel increased, through design innovation, to better utilize the advantages of steel structure, large space, flexible layout.

Research and development to adapt to the industrialized construction method. The standardization of design, the factoryization of components, and the Prefabricated of structure, electromechanics, decoration and furnishing are the characteristic advantages of steel structure buildings. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages, accelerate the development of modular building, realize rapid construction, reduce on-site welding operations, save labor and reduce environmental pollution.

Research and application of supporting parts and components. Firstly, due to the personalized characteristics of the building, it is difficult to mass produce the parts and components, and the degree of standardization and generalization is low; secondly, the industrial chain is not perfect enough; and thirdly, the three-panel (floor, inner and outer wall panels) system is poorly matched with the building structure. The universal system is based on the standardization and universality of the parts and components and connection technology, which is suitable for specialized and socialized production, and is a more perfect form of industrialization. Only by vigorously developing the universal system based on universal parts and components can we lay the foundation for “building a house like a car”.

Change the perception of hollow floor slab. Assembled building application of stacked floor slabs, the connection part of the implementation of the second pouring, is not a perfect industrialized construction method. Industry enterprises should focus on the core of industrialized construction, balancing personalization and standardization needs, re-conceptualize the value of hollow floor slabs, research and development of new technologies to overcome its shortcomings, to play to its strengths, and to strengthen the Prefabricated of buildings in the floor of the short boards.

At present, China's steel structure building development is rapid, a large number of steel structure venues, airports, stations and high-rise buildings rise up. With the continued deepening of industrialization, digitalization and green transformation of the construction industry, assembled steel structure buildings will accumulate momentum, stimulating the formation of new kinetic energy and new advantages characterized by innovation and quality as the key to the development of new productivity momentum and empowerment for the development of new quality.

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