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Steel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building
  • Steel Industries BuildingSteel Industries Building

Steel Industries Building

EIHE STEEL STRUCTURE is a Steel Industries Building manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in Steel Industries Building for 20 years.Steel Industries Building is a type of building construction that utilizes steel as the primary material and is designed for industrial and commercial use. These buildings are durable, cost-effective, and adaptable, making them a popular choice for a wide range of businesses. Steel Industries Building are commonly used as manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial applications. They are also often used in commercial applications, such as office buildings, retail stores, and restaurants.

EIHE’S Steel Industries Building The construction of Steel Industries Building involves several phases, which includes planning and design, fabrication and pre-fabrication, transport and delivery, installation and erection, and finishing and completion. The components are prefabricated off-site and transported to the construction site for assembly, which reduces construction time and cost.  Steel Industries Buildings are widely recognized for their durability, strength, and versatility, making them a preferred choice in industrial settings. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to pests and fire, making them a secure investment for businesses. Steel Industries Buildings are also easy to expand, reconfigure or modify to meet the changing needs of a business or organization, making them an adaptable and future-proof solution.  In addition to their functionality and durability, Steel Industries Buildings can also be customized to meet specific design and aesthetic requirements. With the use of paints, cladding, and other design elements, they can also be made visually appealing while still maintaining their functional benefits.  Overall, the Steel Industries Building is a practical, adaptable, and cost-effective building solution for industrial and commercial applications.

Steel Industries Building Feature

Here are some key features of Steel Industries Building -

Durability and Strength: Steel Industries Building are made of steel which is incredibly durable and strong, providing reliable protection and support against harsh weather, pests, and fire.

Maintenance-free: Steel Industries Building require minimal maintenance, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing the ease of maintenance.

Energy Efficient: Steel Industries Building are easy to insulate and have high thermal efficiency, providing energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint.

Versatility: Steel Industries Building are highly versatile and can be customized to meet the specific size, shape, or design requirements.

Easy to Install: Steel Industries Building can be prefabricated offsite, where high-quality engineering and fabrication methods are utilized before shipment, making installation easy.

Large Clear Spans: Steel Industries Buildings offer significant clear spans, providing an uninterrupted and flexible workspace.

Expandability: Steel Industries Building are easy to expand or modify, providing more flexibility as business needs change or grow.

Cost-Effective: Steel construction can be a cost-effective solution for a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

Sustainability: Steel Industries Buildings have excellent environmental performance as they can incorporate recycled materials and can be easily disassembled and recycled if required.

Overall, Steel Industries Buildings offer numerous advantages such as durability, energy efficiency, versatility, and design flexibility, which makes them an ideal option for industries looking for a practical and cost-effective building solution for industrial and commercial applications.

Steel Industries Building Packing and transport

Firstly, Steel structrue packing basic requirements

1. Consider reasonable design and rational use of materials and equipment based on the characteristics of maritime and inland transportation such as the number of loading and unloading, transportation distance, and long transportation cycle. Ensure the convenience and safety of loading, unloading, stacking and storage throughout the entire process of domestic and international material transportation.

2. Packaging design should have a certain stacking capacity. For the goods with height of more than 2 meters, stacking of three sets similar goods. For the goods with a height of less than 2 meters,  stacking four or six identical goods.

3. The design of lifting position: All lifting pisiton are designed based on the length, weight and gravity of the goods, especially the larger packaging. So that the packaging can be balanced in the lifting process.

4. Center of gravity and mark: Packing place should be marked . Each piece of goods must have two marks hanging on both sides at the same time. The contents of the marks are identical, and the marks must be clearly visible. The marking nameplate shall be fixed on the packing rack with rivets.

5, The width and height of single package should be below 1.4 meters . the width and height of group packages should not exceed 2.8 meters. If the width or height of a single component exceeds 2.8 meters, the design department should consider interrupting the components. Packaging rack must be soldered firmly. it must be coated with rust-proof primer to avoid rusting and corrosive.

Secondly, Packaging method of steel structure and accessories

1. Bundle. Medium-sized steel components usually take the form of bundles, such as steel beams, steel columns, supports, etc.

A. If the length is less than 5 meters, two wires should be bundled with a distance of 2 meters in between. If the length is greater than 5 meters, two wires should be bundled.

B. Buffering components, such as pearl cotton, are needed between the two parts. Make sure the parts cannot slide against each other.

C. If the packaging is fixed with screws, the nuts need to be spot welded to prevent them from falling off during transportation.

D. Lifting lugs should be added to the packaging to facilitate loading, unloading and transportation. The lifting lugs need to be welded firmly.

2. Frame Package

Small parts, welded brackets, etc. should be packed inside the frame. The frame is made of channel steel and angle steel. The frame net must ensure that internal components do not appear. The frame installed inside the frame needs to be separated by pearl cotton until it is damaged during transportation. There must be shovel holes at the bottom of the frame to ensure loading and unloading.

3. Iron packaging. Easy spare parts such as bolts and connecting plates need to be packed in iron boxes. The box body is made of angle steel, channel steel and steel plate box. Customs viewing windows should be used in the middle of the frame. There should be drainage holes at the bottom of the frame and shovel holes at the bottom of the iron box to ensure loading and unloading.

4. Naked installation is generally used for large structural parts. The exposed parts should be placed on the molding. The design should comply with the force balance, be stable and reliable, and be easy to load and unload.

5. Other package

A.Barrel package, used for paint, chemical materials, etc.

B.Coiling package , iused for the packaging of wire, cable, wire rope and other goods.

C.Pallets pacage, used for the goods packed in combination

6.Wall and roof panel package

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